Zero, zen, zero, zen, empty,
what is zero? What is zen?
Are both empty? Paradox’s
infinite? Zero drips as Zeno,
its dialectic, its stoic, 
double trouble to unite 
these Zenos, one Of Citium, 
one Of Elea, two become one: 
Which one will you choose?

They always ask and I say,”
pick both at once: paradox
and peace of mind.” Do this
by seeing my paradoxes as 
vertices that approach toward
the centre of the triangle 
of me Stoic1: Logic, Physics,

  As I see it, there is no
disruption between the 角2,
the paradox, its interiority,
the triangle, its dialectic;
rejoice in a becoming where
at last I can rest at ease。。。3 

No answer there is to what 
is zen, zero & it, infinite,
emptiness as 真珠の4 simplicity, 
as is… suffer+don't, redeemed 
as I fall into a becoming as 
the concretion of ἀπάθεια5. 
  1. かど
  2. But there's ἀμαθία - amathia, how can peace be? Is it their ignorance for doing it or mine for allowing it? g.u.i.l.t v.s r.e.m.o.r.s.e: again the 角:
  3. しんじゅ
    pearls of
  4. apatheia
    peace of mind
Signature Lina Ru