How can I become your editor?

Leave a comment or rate a poem. It’s as simple as that.

Not every edit would be implemented to the poem being critiqued, but I would consider it thoroughly, and it could affect my writing as a whole. I would value the kindest and most respectful opinions that actually improve the writing. For example, a critique that says: “This is not poetry. It is a blabbering nonsense.” would not be considered at all because it does not bring anything constructive to the writing. However, a critique that says: “You could improve the writing by removing the word love and adding a particular instance of that love” would be taken seriously.

That said, poems that are open to substantial changes and criticism would be the ones that have no audio. Poems that have an audio have been heavily edited previously, and I have sometimes used poetic forms that make it difficult to make changes. Nonetheless, I am willing to do substantial changes to poems with an audio if it is merited.

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