How do you create the audio?

All of my acoustic material comes by combining several VSTs through Ableton Live. Ableton Live is a software for musical production, also known as a DAW. The midi controllers that I most use are a Maschine Mikro, an Axiom 25, and a Line 6 UX2 to capture sounds through the cardioid condenser microphone. The VSTs I most enjoy working with are from Native Instruments and Soniccouture.

I love creating music. I have been slowly growing my poeticacoustic collection and hope that my work might inspire you into creating poetic soundscapes too. If you would like to create music too, I will let you know how I got started. If you do plan to work with poeticacoustic productions for the long run think consider saving some money and buy some good software. I would personally recommend the following software for their live performance capabilities:

Ableton Live if you want to have a set of basic sounds because you cannot spend money in certain VSTs.
MASCHINE if you prefer to have a wide set of beats, grooves, and instruments.

However, you might want to get right on hands but still don’t have the budget and the knowledge to work this out. You can start with Reaper, Garageband or Acoustica Mixcraft. I started out with Garageband. I learned that using loops can limit creative potential but it will surely enhance your poetry. Theres is a limit with this approach. As you feel the need to be more precise acoustically, you will outgrow using loops and will start learning music theory.

That said, I also believe that small but concrete projects are the way to progress yourself step by step when you don’t want to spend most of your time with music theory. The danger of focusing only with music theory is that you might not practice and practice is the most important thing to do. Start with an idea and see how far you can go by yourself. If you need help, slow down and don’t get frustrated. Every artist becomes good after a lot of practice and then…. From even a lot more practice, just don’t give up!

A ‘good’ song comes after a lot of hard work, and even then, you won’t please everyone so just remember to be yourself. If you create to feel good about yourself and to share to others no matter their response, then you will get better and better at it because you will keep practicing. However practice might not make your work ‘perfect’, but you sure will find fulfillment as you create what reflects your transparent self and that is ‘perfection’.

Note: If you want to get the basics first I recommend you to start with Coursera’s Introduction to Digital Sound Design to understand how sound works and Introduction to Music Production to understand what is a DAW and what how to create your own music. In order to keep going, search for tutorials if you have questions about a particular midi controller or DAW.

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