Who are you?

I am a philosophic poet that creates multimedia poetry, but in particular, I am a philopoiet that wants to define poetry as being.

Why multimedia? I combine images (e.g. macro photography, digital art), music (e.g. soundscapes), and text as well as videos to create an immersive experience. I want you to experience with the most of your senses as possible through the web. With that purpose in mind, my work is constantly evolving.

Why philosophic? Although I have developed my craft with different purposes in mind overtime, currently I write with the intention of leaving a body of work that attempts to disrupt structures of thought through the beauty of the mundane. I want you to experience critical thought, and at the same time , I intend to elevate you into the experience of beauty and fulfillment.

Why poet? I have been writing poetry since 1997. I started writing while I attended Middle school. For that reason, to date, I have written more than 3,000 poems. I have only published around 600 poems in my website. I intend to progressively add the old poems as I continue to create as well. I hope that my work will speak to you louder, why I am a poet, than these words.

If you still want to know more about me, please read my poetry.

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