forest of lanterns
i can’t find you
which light is you
guide me to you

you got away
why did you fly away
wait for me 
don’t leave me 

forest of lanterns
what became of you
i can’t find you

guide me to you
forever… forever 

passing by,                       light  
surrounded by,                     you
years go by,                      good bye  
announcing                            that  
whoever can                           as a ray 
reach the skies                         and say
be on time                             to shine 

night applauds                       through stars 
you’ve been                        twinkling 
given                                a chance to find
the light                          that 
teaches me                        to be brave 
to embrace                             the guide 
whoever can                            be bright
in a forest                          of lanterns
be                                         the sunrise.

Signature Lina Ru