What if everything 
around us is free, 
but we’re not. 

If we’re not, how can everything 
around us be free? 

If everything 
around us is free, 
we’re free. 

What if we are free for others, 
but not to us. 

If we are free to those around us,
why aren’t we free?

Freedom is a LED pinball 
in an electronic pachinko 
where those with many pinballs
they are the most free,
while those without them, 
curse the luck offered to them. 

If we believe we’re free,
we’re the ones playing.

If we believe we’re fated,  
we’re the pachinko.

Are we the pachinko 
or hands that attempt 
to control it?

Or maybe 
we’re the pinball
and these questions 
are meaningless 
in a vastness that blinks 
between birth and death,
for the unknown
calls us to say… 

It is not about freedom,
but about realizing the
hidden luminosity 
that enlightens 
the LED pinball 
as electricity 
travels beyond
what we see as ourselves. 

Signature Lina Ru