I can see you with clarity, 
  after cleansing myself 
                     of me, 
  these empty racks,
            waiting for me
  to shred the past, 
            waiting for me
          to let go, 
  so we can fly with 
  the breath of today
  to create circles 
        that regenerate.

      vultures are waiting,
      enjoying my teardrops, 
      their heart is fed 
          from my salt,
      slavery of the soul, 
      the flavor of wanting
            to let go 
      that never comes,
   unless vultures are freed 
    from the need of my tears,
    so our flight can begin
        without fears. 
             We can!

  We can fly after painting 
  the beige skies 
      with sunburst eyes 
  where we'll dive into,        
   let us be in peace.  
            We can!

  But you can take me 
  into your arms only
  your your breath becomes 
  the wind of love, you.

  We can encounter death, 
  after realizing peace 
  not a treaty, but 
  the consequence 
                of truth.
            We can,
  just don't forget me
  as you paint with the wind; 
  we paint with our breath
  the world paints
      the reality of love; 
           as we love,
   as the world loves
        as we let go
          fly free. 
If you are hoping and working for a better world, don’t give up! When the world’s troubles seem too much, there is always an oasis inside your heart. If you don’t want to see the rainbow after the storm, perhaps you can, if you love. You could start with those who are kind and accept your love. Cry, if you need to, and by doing so, you might become stronger. Fly, and by doing so, use your love as the wind. Live, and by doing so, paint in the skies with the shooting stars of liberty. Just love.
Signature Lina Ru