Dear me,
  I want to forgive you,
                    but if I can't
                  don't let my past 
        become the ruler 
  of my blue skies.  

              Dark memories
  remind me I have not been 
                nice to me.  

            I pound upon myself,

  A voice shouts,
               run away.....................
                      stay away of yourself.

  I ignored that voice.
                      It happened. 

                      In awareness, 
  the voice became shallow, 
  my thoughts became light.

  Awareness became my blessing, 
  an openness that leads us 
  to fly into the twinkled 
  and expanded iris, infinity. 

  Is that the reason humility 
  transforms reality into truth?

  What is truth 
        if I forget who I am, 
        so please, memories,
  don't lead me to hate myself,
        release me from 
        aged throughts.

                      Let me love,
         give me hope, 
  embrace my pain,
              and let me free by
        covering yourself 
  in a colorful bow of rain,
                dear me, a rainbow.
This is a letter written to “Me”. Who am I? Am I who I remember is me? Perhaps, there are no limits, but I am so stubborn. I want to be limited. Do I?
Signature Lina Ru