In this land
                    of contradictions,
                    some trees blossom,
                    others are evergreen,
                    such as a circle
                    hidden inside
                    a square,
                    a triangle inside
                    or Escher
                    fiddling with Bach
                    to make the Earth
                    giggle in their bubbles
                    of math.

                                                    In this changing land
                                                    of contradictory paths,
                                                    one must ask
                                                    where are the limits
                                                    of these tracks,
                                                    who is the ruler
                                                    of these lands?

I gaze in amazement
as I laugh,
land of contradictions,
I am.

                                                    good or bad,
                                                    glad or sad,
                                                    mad or fad,
                                                    where am I?

In the land
of my future,
I ask,
and I only see
I imagine that.

                                                    In the land
                                                    of my past,
                                                    I ask,
                                                    and I only remember
                                                    I had that.

In such contradiction
I had to ask,
is my solution
just an empty sack?

                                                    I sat
                                                    and waited
                                                    for an answer,
                                                    and all I got
                                                    was a trap,
                                                    so I had to laugh.

Waiting for an illusion?
What a blast!

                                                    I yelled at Escher,
                                                    and made him mad.
                                                    He called Gödel
                                                    to make me look bad.

So, I played with Bach
until they had
their wanted match.

                                                    I dropped my bag,
                                                    and again, I sat
                                                    not expecting
                                                    to get my sack back
                                                    I emptied my mind
                                                    of so many
                                                    silly facts.

In this land
of contradictions,
I chose to find
the riddle
that made it
all fine.

                                                    So, came the eagle,
                                                    my eye of awareness,
                                                    which made it all
                                                    turn upside down:

                        In the land
                        of today,
                        it said,
                        you can see
                        the contradiction
                        you are,
                        both as one,
                        and then
                        there is no
                        but your own mind,
                        because as an eagle
                        there is no mind,
                        just the experience
                        of being one.

What appears to be double, might just be an illusion, a trick of the mind that allows us to divide and multiply, as long as our perception is adjusted to such entrapment. Shift your perception, what do you see? Does the eye interpret colors from wavelengths or does color exist beyond our perception?
Signature Lina Ru