I never meant to hurt you,  
my heart is full of you, 
but I forgot you 
by remembering who I was
with you.

Remembering the confusion, 
		absolute delusion, 
that was more important 
than your kindness,
		than our love, 
than our spirits 
		full of hope.

Hope transforming into 
the blissful instants 
of forgiveness from 
an unspoken past,
the one I leave with,
a path made of clouds, 
gazing at the sky 
of our lost love, 
as I depart,
so please, 
      forgive me.
So many times we do things with a confused mind. We may not even be aware of it. When we hurt our loved ones with our angry reactions, do we feel fulfilled afterwards? Where does fulfillment hide? In ourselves, as we let our true self shine. So if you do act causing pain to others, tell them to forgive me. If you do act upon your selfishness and decide to change, there is nothing to forgive you. In the process of acceptance and change, there is love, and in love, there only forgiveness.
Signature Lina Ru