Seeing faces, 
  minds invading their reality
  with pillow words,
  creating high tides 
  out of nothing. 
Seeing words, 
  faces translating thoughts
  with Chinese masks,
  white is black,
  what seems good,
  ends up gray. 
Seeing lives,
  forgetting mine,
  the one that sees,
  the one that believes,
  the one that liberates,
  the one that needs 
  to be healed,
  so, it can see,
It can see me,
  at last.

Who am I? There are moments in life when we can see things beyond our point of view. For example, admiring how your dogie eats its food or the fresh breeze touching your skin. At those moments, you are yourself, but you don’t feel like “you = name” because you are not focusing in you. Although, you can see yourself. I mean, you can see the person who “you = name” as just an actor, a type of puppet, in a world fabricated by society with established concepts even before you were born. How does this realization change the way you interact with your surroundings? You can see yourself from another point of view. You can now solve and approach to your life opportunities (let’s not call them problems) with ease. Most misfortunes come to life because we are not thinking clearly. It could be by anger or anguish, but at the end… What would happen if we could see ourselves with calmness and love?
Signature Lina Ru