Captivate a second through light, 
reflections cry for me to glance 
away from the screen that brings 
whatever I imagine to life, beat
after treat I am unable to stop. 

Convinced, the image of a ghost 
looks at me, says: I don’t exist,
move on, but I don’t. The second 
is enough to misspell ubiquitous 
with light, but shadows haunt me
with a memory of you that’s gone. 

Clouds disperse, oranges captivate, 
hunger remains, the moon repents, 
don’t regret, let the shadow dance
around you. As I let light bounce 
off mind, I won’t lose the essence
of all things, still unbeknownst. 

Waves teach me silence. I don’t need
to be to feel there’s silence once 
stripped of you, but echoes proceed 
to replace you, so I’m not silence.

Only an idea is silent, even when 
I’m bare and the sun strips me dry.  

I can’t know what ‘not-to-be’ means. 

You are sound I thought I left but 
doesn’t, to be silence, sound should 
be lowered just enough to be left 
unnoticed. To be light, shadow must
bow as the cosmic circularity wakes 
the Earth up from a dusty slumber
after each dusk. Every night light 
protects itself from shadow’s stains 
unaware darkness is only temporary. 

If only light knew... It’ll be back
in another word, in another silence,
in a you I can't fully grasp because
each second isn't ours to transform. 
Signature Lina Ru