Is it the stars?
  Is it the rain?
  Is it the light?
  Have I found something 
  that cannot be touched 
  by time?
  Is it the golden pot
  at the end of a broken rainbow?

  Is it the smiles at a sunset 
  that waves good night?
  Have I reached 
  the timeless breach?
  Is it the moon?
  Is it a mermaid?
  Is it someone I know?
  The night is reaching its end,
  and I, after being lost,
  have found the key:
  It is a mirror.

  And as I look 
  myself in it…

  It breaks, 
  so does my skin, 
  the stars, its light, 
  and the rain that reminds me
  that I have never been the reflection,
  but the answer that finds itself in the surrounding wholeness. 

In our search for infinity, we find ourselves against time… and a mirror. The one that tells us how we look like. Is that mirror telling the truth or is the mirror telling what time whispers it should reflect?
Signature Lina Ru