I am empty spaces, 
looking for you, 
but you are running away from me, 
as  water that flows 
                through your face, 
as tears that wash 
                dear old pain. 

There is nothing 
to be afraid of, 
              everything is love, 
that is life as you love, 
and in your love, 
              you made me real. 

I was real in your arms, 
eternal in your breath, 
free in your chest, 
              love in your breath. 

I had not realized 
you had made me 
understand the love 
              that lived in me,
until today. 

              I was glittering 
because of you, starborn: 
                          Stars are born when 
                          there is a glittering 
                          reality inside of them
Time will pass by, and as
broken dreams find their way
into us, I will remember 
we are lost, still humans, 
gazing toward the light  
that sprung us in love, 

So, as I begin to feel life, 
today, I see you; my eternal me,
letting you love me: 

Some part of me sees you clearer,
knowing I am learning to let go,
as the flower reverberating: 
an endless will running 
around the petals that portray 
the faces of loving purity 
until all faces become one, 
you and it, it and me, 

How will we understand 
what is a farewell
if we know how to love?
                    just love. 
Is there a farewell? If we find infinite love in other beings through loving their love, does love cease to exist? Is their love part of your love? If so, where is the farewell?
Signature Lina Ru