When we give birth,
 to love, 
 			endless light.

 At the same instant:
					 An angel is born, 
					 an angel is dead. 

 You can, at last, see that:
 When you see an angel, 
 the earth trembles,
 you become humble,
 time is consumed
 by the fire of love. 

 					That day… 
 The angel of love, 
 came into my life
 as I let my arms open
 to the empire of peace.

 					Tell me, angel:
 Was it you, who I saw?
 Was it you?
 Who I became?

 Where the troubles start, 
 the earth cries, 
 there is no angel,
 you are no more in love. 

					In love of life, 
					In love of earth, 
					In love of universe, 
					In love of you. 
 Tell me, angel, 
 was it you?
 That gave life 
				 to the hungry of love...
				 		Is it me? 
				 ...that gave light. 

 When time is 
 			consumed in my veins,
 always imploring to regenerate
 				never in vain, 
 living always in love. 
Signature Lina Ru