Strange people are those 
	who captivate our feelings 
	in such a way life becomes
	a melody echoing 
	through the galaxies. 

	If those who are blinded by the sun
									empty their pockets... 

	May they find the flowers of their hearts
	being nurtured by the light 
	of a trillion wonder stars!

	If those who have their pockets empty
									turn their eyes into love...

	May they feel the stars 
	inside their heartbeats!

	So they may give
	to those whose pockets 
	still need to be emptied,
	 the light needed 
		to make them see
			their sun flowers! 

					Some see flowers, 
						others can see suns, 
							but those who be both 
									are free, at last!

Being free from judgments We judge others, but in our judging we forget to ask ourselves: Why did he do that? Why did I judge like that? How are my circumstances different from his or hers? Everything a person does is based on a reason. He may do things with free will, he may be the result of the actions of his parents or bad company, or he may be manipulated for some reason. Those reasons are the ones that we tend not to know when judging others. So, when we do act in a way others judge us badly… Are they understanding our reasons? Why don’t we then, understand the reasons of others?
Signature Lina Ru