Question the universe 
					about itself, 
ask him where did it come from,
			where will it go,
ask him where does it end,
			where does it start,
						question the skies,
about themselves,
			ask them why are they yellow,
why are they blue,
			ask them why are they untouchable,
why are they seen.

Question yourself,
				about birth and death,
ask yourself why are you here,
				why are you born,
ask yourself why do you die.
				why do you do what you do,
and then,
		question again the universe,
					ask about infinity,
					ask about eternity,
					ask about yourself, 
and let it free...
Where does the universe begin? We have asked this question since the beginning of the comprehension of what is the universe. We have asked it because we are born and die. We suppose that all things have a start and an end. Could we be wrong? There is no start or end of the universe. This includes us. Why? Everything that surrounds does not have a beginning or an end, but it is in a constant transformation. What we call beginning is just a change of state. For example, our bodies “die”, so they become food to the animals hidden in the soil. We become dirt and feed those small animals. Do we cease to exist? No, but our idea of ourselves does end. What does end and start? Concepts, ideas, and beliefs.
Signature Lina Ru