In the discovery of life,
finding in my dreams,
the sweet nectar of time…

Who am I?
The water, the rain,
and the grass impregnated of light.

Who are you?
The desert, the air,
and the moon hanging on to stars.

Without the desert,
the rain wouldn’t exist,
without the moon,
the water wouldn’t create waves,
without stars,
the moon could not breathe.

‘Cause the light,
falling off the sky,
is you, is me,
is the everything
that in dreams:

We call love.

How are we? Full of special attributes, each one of us is unique, but at the same time really quite similar. It is awesome how nature produces exact inner copies of ourselves in each human being. There are small changes, but in essence we are exactly all the same…
Signature Lina Ru