“Be quiet. Don’t err,”
it told me, “soon you
will discover how 
flawed you are.” But 
flaws are the fruit 
of effort, the flawless 
is born from a flawed
storm, it’s inevitable.

There’s no shame if you
try, expand the horizon! 

Don’t settle. Unsettle. 
Redefine your breath. 

After each struggle,
settle after an effort,
not a result. Eagerly 
persist to further
a legacy that pursues
messages in bottles
lost at the bottom 
of the creative sea. 

Let the unraveling 
of a thousand storms 
speak, fear not, wait.

Don't lower your head,
go slower if necesary. 

Potentiality is ahead,
hidden under the sand
a message emboldened
by each storm endured.  
Signature Lina Ru