The nature in our nature 
	fights within 
its concepts 
		crawling away 
	from its own nature, 
facing itself to find an answer,
				and in return:
		a slap in the face. 

It is our conditioned nature 
						blinding us 
		going in favor 
of a good flavored belief.

Trapped in a mouse house 
	believing we exist 
		within a palace of golden ideals 
		thinking that *it* is freedom 
	while trapped 
		between four walls
void of light. 

Upon and below us, 
	our limits sink us deeper 
		until there is no more room
to breathe. 

In such realization, 
	the house disappears, 
		so does the mouse, 
and its practical ideas.  

The nature we had once rejected 
	becomes who we are in essence, 
		and in return, nature, 
 surrounded by thoughts 
		unfolds new mysteries 
		that are getting ready
to be unveiled.

setting the moment,
	when we become nature itself, 
		there is no more fighting, 
 	in us, 
 	the nature of love. 
Signature Lina Ru