Thank the despised, heatly doomed 

                    to destroy, 

for reminding us how fragile
we are... How vital it is 
to find ourselves in nature's 


If I so much squirm to reach 
a balance between emotion
and fact, I have to recognize
your struggle too, but if it's 
power you seek... Self-serving 
justice is not blind but crude 


The leech of greed will suck you 
dry, skin falls off, the brief 


you feel when you achieve will
sink into a heartless void, dire
desire. The more you suck dry,
the less you'll become. If you
believe you need more, the drier
you'll become. Mad thirst condemns 
as you drink your desires, drier
you drink, want relief? Create. 

Defy your need for attention! 

If you don't seek love, is hurt
your joy? The pleasure you seek is 
not at a mall, nor at a set,
it is in what you give, not what 
you keep. If you need, give a bit, 
what you desire will appear. If
you suck, return the favor, that's 
how you'll find joy. Desire's trap
is believing that you are 
a bee because of the honey,
if you seek eternal sweetness
only to satisfy the hive, it's 
a lie, unaware your true mission 
is to pollinate life,

                      sow growth. 

If you, unaware, believe honey
is all you need for happiness, 
you are the distraught. Joy comes
from the sincerity of spreading
as much pollen as honey brings.

Satisfaction comes from finding
new lotuses, if you've destroyed 
them, where will you find a dove? 

Without pollination, there's no 
more honey. If you realize 
that what you get is what 

                       you give,

we won't continue to drown in
blind consumption, we'll return
the favor to nature as much 
as it has dearly given us.

If I move toward each goal
daydreaming about the giving, 
the given will come 

                        back to me. 

Desire's appeal will drown itself
after a poignant release. Dream
about giving, give desire a rest
until you are the given, fill 
the pot until the hive is 


in honey, not because of what 
we've been slowly collecting, 


because we have pollinated 
the impossible, as it blooms
we'll never be out of honey,
we've given as much as 

                          we've taken... 


Signature Lina Ru