Words repeat, the same notebook,
go back and write upon the same
words repeat, the insane notebook
tries to fix the past, improve the next
words repeat, the same notebook, 
don’t regret what’s left, aren’t blank
words repeat, the sane notebook
goes as planned, ahead of the track
words repeat, the same notebook 
is full of scribbles, you could spend 
your whole life trying to rewrite,
but each time you go back, it’s not
the same, it’s rephrased, words fall
in fuzzier, they fade as the excess 
inking takes precedent over fact. 

If you settle your fight with the past, 
untouched, single strokes will fade
from the oldest pages as years pass, 
with each day another page is left 
behind, the written settles as endless 
strokes take you where you haven’t 
been before. Words will still repeat, 
but the dissipating nature of the ink
will let you forget, if you do forget, 
what once was a threat, it’ll be gone 
some day unless words repeat upon
the next page or you go a few pages 
back and true to fact there’s ink left 
yet to be forgotten, but that doesn’t 
take you back to write upon fact. 
Signature Lina Ru