Left and right, two arms,
what’s behind, one brain. 

Left and right, two play, 
what’s behind, one game. 

Left and right, too emotive,
what’s behind, one horizon. 

Rain decides where to fall,
not where we decide to hide. 

If united we accept each drop,
it is no longer one arm getting
wet, it’s a brain shedding tears.  

If you play and cheat to win, 
it is no longer a game, deceit 
slowly creeps into our home. 

If you are under your shower 
but believe it is rain, emotion
that comes from that narrative    
is false, falsity that isn’t seen. 

Run for cover, bang on glass, 
sense how the Earth is home. 

There’s no other delight but
ours, don’t spend emotion on 
dimes that tell you go right, 
go left, it's art or science, 
my way, there's no other way.  

Collect yourself, not the dimes. 

Let the spear of truth puncture 
what’s in front so what’s behind
can be seen as it is, transparent.   

Even if when you hit your heart
with the past, take refuge in it
by learning from firm mistakes
that seem unshakeable facts.

There's art in science, science
in art, enact the exact balance.
Without perfection, sit closest 
to it as possible, ask to dance.     

Signature Lina Ru