If you act irresponsibly,
if you react abruptly,
if you repeat incessantly,
if you speak uncontrollably, 
if you treat disrespectfully, 
if you allow sentimentality
to enrage the land for ore, 
wait for the grim consequence.

If you disrupt and atrocious 
destroy what nature protects, 
you’ll become nature’s regret.

If nature regrets, it’ll balance 
you out of the equation, don’t
care about nature’s negation? 

Self-deluded by a tingling of 
invincibility, you’ll gobble  
up deception to fatten your
self-righteous, self-demeaning 
misdirections of what’s true
to sustain ignorance untied
from the pole of responsibility
for as long as nature allows. 

You’re bound to soon discover,
nature’s tricks teach harder
than hollow lead-tin-yellow
ones that poison who we are.

Nature strives toward balance,
a self-perfection never touched,
always at the verge of being. 

If nature brim spills, you won’t 
be spared whatever with money 
you desire to cover from her. 

As corals suffocate, forgery 
is welcomed home while nature  
surmounts histrionic delusions. 

If we don't untwist the lying,
havoc will inevitable attest 
for the crimes nature protests
shouldn't be allowed to affect
the renewal of her completeness. 

Signature Lina Ru