Whales cry, shallow sea,
labyrinth of ventricular
blues, shallow sea, whales
cry trapped by recent fear.  
Calves don't understand
how leeches hunt, they 
exsanguinate their prey
from their future say,
can we raise our nature
above disdainful ways?

I can't ask for that which
I can't give; there are 
those who seek to destroy
and those who can't defend 
themselves and use toys. 
If not protected by most,
leeches suck them whole.

Without a mirror and a net, 
our neurons can't fathom 
another's distant distress,
we can't observe 
we're trapped.

Befuddled into submission, 
tumbled into a fiery well, 
all that is felt is our hurt,
blinded we're sent to vote.
Victory settles the struggle,
but it's never far-reaching 
since the rapine occurs while 
we're asleep as tragic downfalls.

Beneath the whale's domain, 
a seabed, invertebrates seem
asleep as well, the sunflower 
starfish starved for brittle stars 
begins its hunt, but as it moves
The fragile get out of the way.

If brittle stars can forecast 
the sunflower's moves, why 
can't we prevent the rapine?

Let's learn to work together as one
who is made up of millions of brittle 
stars whose shine tells others how to 
anticipate the movement of a predator.

If we use mirrors to see through
us and those who suffer even though 
we're trapped in their net, we'll cast 
a brilliance that will guide us 
even asleep. 

May whales be stars 
May they dream of bravery 
Whales may be brittle,
but bravery 
is their might.
Be bravery tonight. 
Signature Lina Ru