If you felt a door knob while living in darkness, would you attempt to open it? This door could lead to these possibilities: Have I become blind to truth or have I lived in absolute darkness?

My blindness represents inner turmoil, and having lived in darkness represents my neurotic conditioning, In both settings, fear is the master of fate. The realization of the existence of the door is the first step toward a state of open awareness.

Through awareness, one can see fear without becoming it. By not being fear, one can open the door:

Rivers of sun blaze 
blast upon my face
as fever everlasting,
everlasting as scarlet,
scarlet understanding,
understanding fate,
fate ahead growing
growing as a rose,
a rose in sunrising,
sunrises as rejoice.
An open door allows us to feel beyond our skin. It was then that I realized darkness cannot exist as I shine within.
Signature Lina Ru