It might appear that thought originates purely from the past, and thus it might appear independent from your own existence within the present moment. That is not the truth. It is an illusion of thought. The origin of thought is constantly occurring within our lives. If you pay close attention to the depth of your own abysm, then you might realize that beneath our layers of thought lies endless potential, creative love as agape.

                                    movement as floral reverberation,
self-contained dominion preparing to explode within, 
                                                                         clash and bang, 
                                                                              the vertex 
                                                                                 of time 
                        the paradox igniting consciousness 
                  as an unfolding of an idyllic canvas,
         so transparent, so alert, so receptive 
that nothingness becomes expansive:
                       within such growth ‘nothing’ becomes ‘something’;
                       this is the first paradox of our material perception:
     while being nothing  |  one is everything, 
                       the opposite of a paradox becomes wholeness,
while being everything  |  one is nothing,
                       the opposite of wholeness becomes a paradox.
In the midst of such extreme circularity, 
                          awareness surrenders in awe, 
                                               palpitations as strings of creativity 
surround the cradle of the paradox|wholeness, 
                                                       what was the destiny of such omnipotence?
                                                  The crumbling of its own cognitive-giving power, 
                                                           because as long as nothing is something,
                                                                      the ‘in between’ alive is as                                                                                        
… independent tingling emotions 
that follow the thread of creation
until the distillation of perception
reaches reality as the domination
                            of                                                     thought
Fastened but uncontrolled, a duo conflict at the core of our being. Our thoughts take one perspective, but truth as aletheia chooses none. Truth remains attentive to movement, nothing stalls, possibilities manifest in openness, and thus whatever lies within emerges as creativity through love.
Signature Lina Ru