Giving hope to my dreams, 
giving life to my future, 
how can we live what we love? 

Spirits flying high, 
expecting to return, 
		full of passion, 
		full of eternity, 
for he reached heaven, 
so certain, so glad 
that kindness drives
his mind as the wind. 

In a glance, he broke 
his wings, understanding 
he did not need those, 
but his windy soul, 
			full of hope, 
			full of life, 
			full of love.
How can we live peace?Who feels something could be done to change their lives for good and really transform their surroundings? When can we build the courage to cross limits and self-imposed boundaries? Life has incredible downs and highs, what can be done to live in a balance? How can we choose living our own movie, and stop acting as if others’ lives are more interesting than ours if one does not really feel it? Rather than pretending an interest, how can we really listen to others’ stories?
Signature Lina Ru