In sudden confusion, it  covers my face,
        the peace of being in front of time. 
        How long has it been since I died?
        I have not died, 
        but things I used to believe are gone. 
        I guess the first thing that should be erased of my mind is: "I"
        I am... I am... the wind touching my face, 
        and so dissolving the pain given by my worries.
        I am...I am... the water touching my skin, 
        and so cleansing my tears from the dirt of time:
        I am... I am... impregnated of. 
        I am... I am... the fire exploding my past into trillion pieces,
        in such a way, I can't remember who exactly I was before dying.
        Am I dead?
        I am.. I am... what used to touch me. 
        I am... I am... what used to clean me.
        I am... I am... and it is all bright. 
        Who are you?

Signature Lina Ru