May your heart fly away,
into the skies of liquid stars
into the eternity of ocean eyes,
into the delirium of ephemeral kisses
integrating with the chocolate taste
of love’s skin.

Fly really high,
fly with your faith,
fly with your hope,
fly with your love.

Dive, return to the surface,
and extend your arms,
and feel the freedom
of being loved.

Free yourself The feeling you need recognition can come from a low-self esteem, which means this: For example, sometimes we are surrounded of negative thoughts told by people who we love or appreciate, once and again they say it, so we end up believing them. If my mother tells me I am not good at painting all my life, but I love to paint… Then, I develop a low-self esteem because I think I am not good at painting. The thing I most love doing. Or perhaps, your mother and father helped you out, but a lot of people (someone you may admire or trust his opinion in some way) say you are terrible at painting, and it affects you in such a way you develop a low-self esteem.

Not only that, others say you are not successful if others don’t value you and admire you, so… You develop a low-self esteem because others make you believe that is to be good at something.

If you believe those negative thoughts… The low-self esteem can develop as a consequence a selfish minded person. Please, don’t believe others who may laugh at you because you are not good to their eyes. Please, don’t cry if you feel you are not good at what you love. Please, believe in yourself, and try, try, and try again and again, until you can’t anymore. No one can stop you from doing what you love… And remember, if you love it from the bottom and top of your heart… It is going to be the best thing you can do. No matter what others may say.

That low-self esteem is someone crying inside their soul and begging for love, pure, sincere, and heavenly love. It is someone afraid of being hurt by others, and begging for a sincere heart-open hug. It is someone who just wants kinds words, so he can learn to be better each day.

Signature Lina Ru