This stone has a secret taste.
That's why we can't part away.

Lick the blueness once, make 
it a gemstone, it’ll be politic  
until you lick it again, lick it
white, suck it dry until it’s no
longer is blue… We’ll soon die. 

If you ignore the stove is hotter,
our blue cracks will fade away. 

We’ll be cursed. If fallen sick,
stop licking our blue gemstone. 

Tell those hooked, white is not
purity, integrity rests on blue. 

Stop sucking rivers and creeks
for the satisfaction of a desire. 
Can we all learn to delay desire? 

If all stones end up being white,
cold and hot will become one,
there will be no layer to protect 
us. We’ll end up devoid of taste.

There’s still a choice if we delay
licking, sucking for just a day. 

If we delay invasive desire a day,
a moment a day, we'll have delayed
enough desire to protect our blue. 

Signature Lina Ru