Snail nail, hitting on a tree. 
Snail mail, waiting for a tree.
Snail hail, hitting on a leaf.
Snail trail, waiting for a leaf. 

Hasty snail hidden singing
              a bitter rhyme about
Humpty Dumpty,
           smelly hail, 
               an invisible trail,
                   slow mail.

Snail sits on a leaf,  
leaves a smelly trail
as it goes up a tree,
but falls and breaks 
its smelly shell.

The shell leaves
me alone as I can’t
condone its use
of words, so cruel. 

It’s me, before 
being so rude.

Being on a leaf,
wanting for a tree
to find my way:
a way to peace, 
through me, 
smelly snail, 
sanely me.    
Signature Lina Ru