We are going to change the world, 
changing it seemed easy until I discovered 
						change was inside me. 

We are going to transform the world, 
into a joyful place. What a wonderful face! 
It is my smile traveling through space. 

We are going to change the world 
by transforming the universe, 
taking my broken pieces, 
and mending them until 
we can touch our heartbeats 
with the eternal embrace 
							of love. 

We are going to take our life 
as a long-lasting opportunity 
to change the world,
one in need of wonder and grace 
and a joyful space that loves 
as it loves itself. 
What we are all looking for is LOVE,
and that love is inside you.

The only way to feel,
					is by loving,
	loving you.

Yes, I love you.
The will to change comes by observing and asking questions… Do we want to stop so much violence? Do we want to make a peaceful future? Do we really want to change the world? Do you want to live a place where there is enough food and water for all? Do you want to still feel nature as your friend and not an enemy? We can do it! To do it we just need to understand: Who is the world? What can I do today?We know we can be wrong many times, then we can correct our behavior and ideas as time makes us become more mature. A peaceful heart knows the correct path as … It loves purely!!!
Signature Lina Ru