Falling stars, breaking sky, 
heavenly rain embracing 
my delicate skin. 

Waterdrops falling into my eyes, 
creating maps that will guide
what is lost within 
into my heart. 

Unchaining vessels 
by creating endless lands 
through fearless kisses 
that open fragrant 
flower paths.  

Spring will come, 
waiting is not in vain.

Time is a river that unfolds 
lovely blossoms of rebel dreams
that show you what you love to do.  

If I do, really do, what I love, 
so will you, if you really do
what you love to do, really do, 
love to do, if love is 
what we really do, we rest 
as spring peace as we do, 
as we really do.   
What is life about?Must we run away from those who intend to leave us without hope? When undone, where do our dreams go? Are they still there waiting for us? Are we in need of passion to transform dreams into reality? Where does that internal fire come from? Imagination and love toward what we do. Doing what we most love gives us peace of action, and then of a restful mind.
Signature Lina Ru