Don't forget the sunshine.
	Let's go to the clouds.
	Don't forget…

	This hurricane mind of mine 
	begins with my thoughts,
	and ends dancing with love
	upon puffy whites.

	Let's go into the rain.
	Don't forget the joy.
	Don't forget…

	This rainbow mind of mine
	overcome sadness by smiling 
	to it all, by letting go 
	dancing with love
	under tender tears.

	Don't forget the song.
	Let's go to the moon.
	Don't forget…

	This collective mind of us,
	those who dance around you,
	can love with feather feet
	under a hypnotizing beat.

	If you feel no one does,
	don't... let's go! 

	Let's go dance upon the clouds, 
	whose joy radiate sunshine,
	upon the rain whose songs 
	make rainbows waterfall 
	as love, under a full moon,
	so you can live happily, 
	and ever after is your
	fairy tale, if you let go.

	Let it go...
If you are feeling down… Go to the closest window, and live the: Clouds, sunshine, joy, rain, songs, and moon. Let go your sorrow. Let it go.
Signature Lina Ru