I’ve been dying
in a boat to nowhere.

The waves
take me to hell
as I ignore who I am.

I prepare myself
to leave
the waters of tribulation.
How can I reach shore
before they kill me?
Who are they?

Everybody is running against me,
the tide grows higher,
and my heart sinks lower.
Is salvation a narrow belief?
Am I destined to sleep?

Come, one,
wake your meaning,
and take it to the places
that never
have been searched,
so the forces
of the deadly currents
shake your fears
away, so far
away that new
meanings take
their place.

I am drifting
toward nothingness,
and I am not afraid
for it is your love
that makes me see
after being blind
for so long
that I had thought
light existed no more.

After being
dead, but alive
I realized
no one can touch me,
no one can kill me,
no one can reach me,
no one can be me
because I am death
within you,
because I am reached
by time through you,
because I am felt
by you as I am you.

If I am you,
then who can hurt me
but myself?

Who can hurt you
but yourself?

I am in a boat
to nowhere,
but where are you
as I extend
my love to you
who is me?

there is no place
that we can call
in between
love and hate
there is only
the truth,
what is it?

If I know,
do you know?

I know you know,
but as I wake up
I see you drowning,
so I fall asleep
to rescue you
inside these reveries
until I am strong enough
to pull you out of the midst
as I stand wide awake,
full of life,
full of truth,
full of you,

Signature Lina Ru