Extraordinary forest 
                                                        of a thousand tales
                                                        choosing its trail
                                                        as a river of words 
                                                        that better suits 
                                                        its purposes,
                                  so it can make  
                a bitter fable   
out of reality 
   that doesn't
     give out favors 
             unless its roots 
                      are sweetened 
                                    by bliss. 
                                               Immaculate forest 
                                                 extending its powers 
                                                      to the imaginary force 
                                                        of lightening nerves, 
                                                        illuminating the tail 
                                                        of reminiscences 
                                                        until they culminate 
                                                        in an instant of bliss, 
                                                        love pouring from the skies 
                                                        nurturing the forest 
                                                    of a million tales,
                                                  creating actuality 
                                              out of the nothingness 
                                       that we recreate
                                    in images of growth.
                                                        Standing tall, 
                                                        standing green, 
                                                        making genuine 
                                                        what is meant 
                                                        to be a reverie,
                                                        a forest of tales,
                                                        a river of words,
                                                        a rain of love, 
                                                        and a phantom 
                                                        of time made 
                                                        my unnerving 
Sometimes a metaphor can speak more truth than a fact. If emotion drives facts, then these can shift our experience of reality. If we are bound to accept emotion and distinguish it from fact, then one must first embrace emotion to release it from what we believe it is, a fact; because emotion releases metaphor, not logic.
Signature Lina Ru