What we haven’t learned is
that extremes gut us empty. 

Either masses, either riches, 
either vanity, either gives. 

Politics1 is a politiktheatron 2
of egos, who stays the most
popular? What can I now do 
to appease powers that be? 

The powerful aren't neither 
masses, nor riches, neither 
vanity, nor leeches. It's  
hurricane winds, disasters 
uncontrolled. Worst of all 
enemies: look at the mirror. 
The sun won't feel empathy,
neither oceans will. They will
defend themselves without regard 
for human emotion. Fear will
never control them, but our love 
could. If we love nature3 as we
love ourselves4, it will cease 
to rebel against us. Action
is our saviour, not words
nor feelings but calm action.
Nature doesn’t care about 
how much you hug it, if you
do nothing while earthworms
are devoured by ignorance.5

No one left to till the ground,
only predators fill their tummies
until there’s no more for them
too. How ignorant shall we be
to ignore the future for a now 
that sleeps with feary extremes? 

Persistence against extremes. 

Without a proper balance, 
we will be forsaken. What 
is proper? Think not of what
serves you, but of what serves
the totality of who we are: sea
and child, river and forest, tea
and math, art and respect, feel
for yourself the kiss of kindness. 
Let alone compassion. Be kind.
To be proper is to be attentive,
to be a good listener is to care.   

With fragments of riveted 
narratives, the struggle 
to act upon evidence based 
thoughts is more relevant 
today than it has been before. 

We've progressed, but we aren't 
prepared for the responsability
of that progress. Human kinship 
is at stake. It always has been,
but the whole composed of broken 
words once took months to reach
a mouth. Today, it's whirlwinds. 
Letters supplying probabilities
shift so fast. As numbers get 
it right, we shift, and we can’t 
count inconsistencies of thought.

The consequences of irrational 
thinking hurt us all, nature 
won't condone what we condone.

Breathe before jumping into action. 
Calmly reflect. Patience is to clear 
the mind of what will next day and
next shall bring. Persist to be aware
of what needs to be done not only
today, but seven generations ahead. 

At first think about yours ahead,
then not yours, some else's ahead, 
then two else's, two years ahead, 
then not my fame, three ahead,
then not my pride, four ahead,
then not my riches, five ahead,
then not my vanity, six ahead, 
then all of you, us, seven ahead.

Sign your past, don’t forsake it. 
If you do, we will be the ones 
forsaken. How blind are we 
willing to become before saying:

I vow to accept the truth.
I vow to admit when wrong. 
I vow to be humble and grow
in the best of my abilities 
today, not for a today but 
for us, seven generations ahead 
of today. I vow to protect truth
ahead of what I believe to be 
my interest because, truth is,
what I believe, might not be true. 

The truth is constantly evolving, 
that is the nature of truth, it isn’t
static. The truth is a process 
of overcoming oneself in spite 
of ourselves. Truth is to recognize
a shared reality. Shared is to care,
reality is to attend to the known. 

If evidence appears to mould 
to interpretation, then we must 
remain always vigilant. The lantern   
of truth shall always be protected
for us to remain forthright despite
the attempts to diminish its light.  

Lies blame the truth, lies blame 
lies, where's the truth? Lies
blame, blame, flame comes out 
of cowards’ mouths. No matter
the cost, no matter the lies, no
matter… Is this the way we’ll 
teach our children to eat sugar?6

Spoiled to the teeth, but keep 
eating what rottens you blind. 
Who shall speak for us, blind?

I will… by not accepting lies,
not accepting extremes, nor 
a biased vision, our eyes 
are easily tricked. Embrace  
science, math, art, -philo, 
subvert language whenever it 
attempts to stifle creativty. 

Don’t surrender to the lying. 
We may have been mistaken
in the past. If we task 
ourselves to overcome faulty 
patterns thought, truth
shall always be our comfort.  

  1. τα πολιτικά ('affairs of state') where the measurable should supercede the theatre of persuasion: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/politics
  2. derived from the word θέατρον (theatron) theatrical affairs of state, a play of the political https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/θέατρον
  3. To love does not mean to romantize and idealize nature, it means to see the cruelty in nature and in ourselves. Yet, accept its cruelty without condoning it. To accept it means to investigate nature, to study it, and draw conclusions through evidence-based thinking. Love isn't divorced to rationality. Love is a process of self-discovery, of creativity. To love nature means to self-discover it and ourselves in the process as a part of nature.
  4. How can we love ourselves in truth, not in vanity, in riches nor fame?
  5. There are invasive species, Flatworms, that attack earthworms creating land were water isn't asborbed due to the lack of earthworms.These invasive species without checks and balances (of other predators) has been destroying Britain's soil. To learn more about this problem: https://app.curiositystream.com/video/1354 not an affilate link
  6. Spoiled only to be tamed by a politiktheatron
Signature Lina Ru