The faces of death 
		roam our fate,
				each time the rulers 
				of anger and despair 
break our heads,
				it all becomes rain,
such a powerful display 
				explodes into a burning fire 
of suffering and distress. 

My chest beats in unison 
		with my glowing breath 
			of insanity, 
				everywhere I gaze 
					my shining fire transforms 
			everything into ashes, 
	and I end up living 
trapped in a bubble of fear,
					not wanting to live, 
					not wanting to breathe, 
					not wanting to observe, 
					not wanting to be aware
		of the fact that.
			I am captured in a balloon 
						of false freedom, 
				forcing my nature into others 
			while I don't even recognize 
									myself in nature, 
					nature in myself,
		once and again, 
until I am bounced 
				back into the rain, 
									the one, 
				once kept me in place, 
			now, being able to feel 

	I sing to make it go away. 
		This time, without fire in my veins 
		I feel freedom as the freezing rain 
										goes away. 

Signature Lina Ru