I am drawing flavors.

  I am a funny face
  transforming paint
  into a colorful airplane
  carrying the hopes 
  of a fiery day.

                    I am exploding hope.

  I am a funny face
  transforming fireworks 
  into fleeting stars
  carrying the tears 
  of our memories.  

                    I am weeping stars.

  I am a funny face 
  transforming sadness 
  into glittering sunrises
  upon days glazing my eyes
  with utopia.    

  I am carrying the sunrise 
  of a funny face as I smile 
                    along this round,
                    going all around,
                    go round world. 
Smile Let’s make funny faces to help others laugh. The funniest face we can use is a smiling face. This is an opportunity to give us happiness as we bring it to others because we will be surrounded of happy people. If others are happy, so will I be.
Signature Lina Ru