The magic of reality
is not in running away from it, 
but into being present 
to everything that hugs you, 
                  but inevitably 
					you might ‘go back’, 
so create a reality over reality, 
the meta-reality of imagination 
that gives birth to thoughts.
This meta-reality is like music, 
depending on its rhythm 
you can see how harmonious 
your relationships are, 
and then feel the beauty 
of your curves 
shaping our world.

Being, rises from the ashes, 
and trashes thought 
into a Phoenix of Love, 
not constrained to our stories, 
but its ability to be a song, 
a musical masterpiece 
that resurrects 
as a cry that shares its love.

It is in your profound ability 
to experience where lies
the meta-reality of thought 
which is imagination,
but the meta-reality of imagination 
is love. 
Signature Lina Ru