I opened my arms, 
and found out starry heartbeats
inhabiting my eyes.  

In love of the universe, I am,
for the eternities to come.

I jumped into open spaces, 
and found blue heavens 
touching my skin. 

	In love of stars and galaxies.
		In love of apples and plums. 
			In love of the universe, I am,
				so I bloomed:  

				My flower's petals painted
				tears with rainbow rivers. 

				My bud's nectar covered
				sadness with graced carols. 

In love of the universe, I am,
	by creating new horizons 
		with dearest candy sparkles.  

	In love of black holes and ocean ripples.
		In love of my greens and grapes. 
			In love of the universe, I am,
					as it bloomed				
						into you.
Searching and traveling with open arms, we can find love, beneath our wings. Days seem so short and our heartbeats so long when we are loving who we are. How can death reach us if we linger in an unfolding unconditional giving? How great it would be to be mindfully “in love” of the universe! Hoping to be “in love” with the air, the stars, the dirt, the molecules, and everything I am, was, and will be: Forever…
Signature Lina Ru