People dancing high, 
				taking chances, 
		fitting somewhere,
					a sign: Wanted
			dead or alive.

 Why did he commit that sin?
			And a sign exposing him 
				everywhere: Wanted
			dead or alive. 
	What sin?
Sincerity lost, 
		who is he if not me,
	 who is he if I can't love 
without being loved?  
		Lost, why can't I 
		be love? 
		a sign pointing:
			dead or alive.
	What sin?
Trying to hate those who love,
 			what I really meant is 
 	I didn't know how to love so,
all I was, was a sign:
				dead or alive,
	 being pointed with a mirror  
 			by those who can dance. 
	The reflection was inverted, 
			and what did it reveal?

 		People dancing low, 
 				losing chances, 
 	fitting nowhere, 
				 with a sign: 
When we try to fit in somewhere we sometimes do things that are not proper for ourselves. If those who try to pressure you are doing wrong, then they are trying to fit in as well. They may be so confused that they pretend to know what is important. What is really important? Think about the consequences before falling down the cliff. We all want to feel loved. This includes those who make you feel not welcomed. Ignore those who reject you, move along. There is always someone out there waiting for you, waiting for your love.
Signature Lina Ru