The tower of a thousand windows lives by its rules. It believes that it could undress me as I project in its glassy eyes without restraint. The man who lives inside the tower is tired of seeing my figure in its windows.

Each time I look at the tower, he shouts,” Who is that which I observe as myself that is not me?”

In its tallest window, I can hear that a bell is crying as if there were no future in its vibrations. I tried to answer back, but my voice got fused with the sound of the bell. Our vibrations became one with the wind, and so we found freedom in our silence. In such impossibility of communication, I sighed. My sigh became a drift of butterflies that knew no limits.

Oh… with each sigh new butterflies surrounded my body until I began to float with them! If only the man in the tower could see the beauty of being without boundaries of belief. What could I do if the man imposed on me his view of the world? If only he could show me what I could not see? If only he could listen to my perspective which is his blind spot?

Suddenly, I understood that the butterflies could listen to my soul without the need of talking. They began to paint in the windows of the man trapped in his tower what I wished to express:
I celebrate you,
you being you, 
but who are you?

Are you a bundle 
of uniqueness
that dictates 
without sensing
through your senses
other selves?

No but perhaps 
I react in pain. 

Are you a transparent
self that lets others trespass
your belief of being?

Yes but perhaps
I am afraid of feeling
too deeply. 

Are you a reflection
that fixates in the fear 
of diversity?

No but perhaps
I am alone. 

Neither but both,
transparent but solid, 
bound but infinite,
who are you?

I am the man 
that is in the tower 
but I am the outsider 
that wishes to be acknowledged 
by the being that dictates my fate 
from afar. 

I am both but neither
as I float as a butterfly
in silent beauty. 

Signature Lina Ru