While in angst, I’m not lively enough.1

If my priority is my worry, from 
banter to canter, there’s no joy.

Worries shift from center to none. 

If my interiority defines myself by
the way I gallop, I’ll be a journey
without inferiority. I’ll be a success 
for my effort, not for the abdication
of my priorities. What is precious 
to you, might not be the indication, 
of my maturity. Don’t measure yourself 
through abstractions, count the effort.2 

May the ability to overcome yourself
conquer your desire to be praised,
conquer fear by confronting yourself
to do what you believe is impossible
to change. The route shows beauty,
easy it is to see just the question 
dyed above the entrance of what's ahead. 

While in angst, raise your laboriousITY.3
to be lively despite hardships ahead.
  1. Should I go for a run? Contemplate? Write a song? Go ahead and cure a wrong?
  2. Quoting Dr. Mike Evans: "Happiness comes from appriciating what we do have" ... "and your life choices" ... If unhappy, "do things differently": My commentary: Effort is a choice, not external recognition. If to you, effort is success, then where does the need to feel praised come from?
  3. ITY = the state or quality of being, in this case: laborious.
Signature Lina Ru