Resting in a shallow pond,
	wind impregnates 
	me of a special flower's 
Rolling petals,
	touch my face,
 			it could have been 
	a new start,
			but I didn't dare.
Why did I let 
			the bright  
colors fade?
Why did I forget
			the prominent
thunders of fate?
The water keeps flowing,
	under my skin,
 		 it may be I am akin
to lightweight baggage,
  		but somehow I can't see
						beyond my coat.
I find out,
  			it is you, 
who I want;
 			it is you,
who I am;
 			it is you
who touches
 			my face
	as I breathe.
Appreciating our surroundings How many times do we stay floating in shallow waters… Thinking: This is all there is. When will we be able to love a little bit more, and judge a little less. Why? Petals are touching our face, flowers’ scent is invading us, the sunrise is smiling at us, but we are angry about the waves that interrupt our “tranquil” times.
Signature Lina Ru