The curtain blends into my skin,
as if asleep I had always been. 

Disrupt fright’s cage, let light in
despite insomnia, desperation, 
being encased will reveal aspects 
of yourself. Be bravery despite 
being unable to open the curtain
to confront the discomfort. Tight 
to your skin, it’s quite difficult 
to destroy fright’s cage. Rather upset
it by not giving in to an errant past
by transforming old desires. Decline
fear’s finest invitations, harvest
the potentiality hidden behind 
the fogginess of fear. Let it teach
you the way of no matter what may
come, you’ll be braver because of it. 

Come what may, you’re not done in
by fear but by oneself for believing 
you can’t bear it anymore. When we
truly can! I’m light upon a linnet 
but when behind the curtain
of fear, I forget, light is ahead.

I forget I’m the chirping lifting
the sun from its slumber, The light
behind the curtain, c’est mon soleil.

I’m the string that unties knots in 
myself with the tingle of a song. 

As my knots unentangle, I can see
myself outside the cage of fright.

There’s still a goldenness trapping
me, that what fear wants to protect. 

I’m not the worry, nor the thought,
I’m not the shingles, nor the rust. 

I’m not all the memories I’ve caught,
but the remainder of what I’ve sought. 

I’m the tear in the curtain, I’m light
chirping even rain when the linnet 
isn’t here to calm me from my fright. 

Come what may, I will never give up.   
Signature Lina Ru