There's no voice
  that will last forever,
  there's only today,
  our chance of love.
There's only this breath,
  breathing in, breathing 
  out there is light, 
  the light of tomorrow,
  are we ready to change?
Make all suffering disappear,
  make love break the shadows
  of pain, flow along the rivers 
  of hope, dive into the ocean 
  of love, don't wait any longer,  
  why do you still bear the pain?

There will never be enough
  love to give, give it all
  until there is no more left 
  to give, then give some more,
  a little bit more of love,
  are we ready to love fully?
Open your sight to the cricket's song,
  follow the night's rhythm, 
  'cause no one will last forever,
  so what are you waiting for?
Can you bear the pain of not loving? I can’t. Can you really bear suffering? Please, let’s change. There is always room for a little bit more of love. No one will last forever, but we can make the consequences of our actions linger as love.
Signature Lina Ru