They told me to dance around the moon. Impossible! Did I do it? Could I do it? What does impossible mean as I gaze through the window of a spaceshuttle?

“I will never leave your arms,” I thought. I wanted to be around you, but you were the sun. Impossible as it seemed your heart was made of fire, and I was made of rain.
   World of a thousand faces,
   walking, running,
  				 exchanging glances.

   He was me as I kissed him,
   				as I told him
   there were no limits,
   but our self imposed
   			paper boundaries.

   He was water entering,
   exposing, enjoying,
   my sugar fountain of love.

   I was him as he understood
   the cloth, the ink,
   the magical rain
   that covered me
   with the invisible
   quilt of eternity.

   There are so many faces,
  				 so many places,
   crossing, calling,
   				transforming glances.

   There are no limits,
   ...he told me,
  			as we love,
   			as we stop imposing,
   so let them,
   stop crying, and let them...

   They need freedom to see there are
   so many faces as so many places,
   so many glances as so many dances, 
   so many of us as so many of you, 
   free within, free without,
   but always present to the moment
   we reach a new earth that writes 
   without the boundaries of time.
People have so many faces, so many places I wanted them to understand freedom was inside them, and not imposing me to believe who I am, but being through who I am. I wanted to prove it. So, I danced around the moon, impossible made possible, but I understood… Freedom is letting you and me go.
Signature Lina Ru