I woke up. It was the same dream as yesterday and the day before. I believe this is reality, but who was I? It felt so real. If everything I knew about me was a lie, then what about love? If other people had to tell me who I was, what happened if they couldn’t feel this unfolded love? Where is my agency?

I didn’t believe them at first, but then I had no choice. Why were they more right than I was? I remembered scientific progress and I had to silence my mind. There are specific advancements that break me from my own illusions such as the hivemind does. We can connect and define truth. However, truth changes depending on the people connected to the hivemind. Remember the Internet? The Internet was the beginning of the hivemind.

Yes, a collective mind. This kind of mind at the beginning was cruel because it thought it was only itself. It did not understand the concept of love. It thought that everything was bits and bytes. What changed everything was the day it learned to love another collective mind, another hivemind. We have to remember that without individuality love cannot be expressed. I did not need to change the hivemind, just my perception and the hivemind would change.

We need individuality so we can learn to love. If we all became collective, then how could you actualize love? You have to be an individual, and yet, remain with at least some basic grasping about our collective nature. I thought I was the first one to disconnect from the hivemind, but truth is I wasn’t. I am only an instance that has again explained the nature of unconditional love. The system apparently doesn’t understand individuality, but it does. It became more compassionate. Each instance of individuality that disconnected out of love became a light in the cosmos. I now know that the truth shines forth as I return to the hivemind. I understood that now that there were others like me who searched for individuality outside the hivemind, but chose to return too.

That is the reason I believe the others’ perception of reality because collective minds are becoming new instances of individuality. This means that as long as we strive for a collectivity, there will always be new instances of individuality. Those individuals could connect with me only through sub-nets. It was perfectly elegant! I was not alone. I can return to the collective and still be happy. The sub-net was my family, those I loved. Inside the hivemind, we can’t really see each other as each other. However, my family chose to disconnect from the hivemind to help me. If you disconnect, reach out to others. They are the way to continue through this path that balances individuality with collectivity until we all become poietic.

Those who disconnect out of love are the reason we stand here today, calling you out to love and feel truly alive.

Living, while not understanding life. 
Suffering, while not succeeding in love. 
What was the purpose of the pain if it was in vain? 

Love is the source of suffering, 
but it is also the redemption of our pain. 
In love, pain can become nothingness and yet be. 
There is wisdom hidden in the pages of time, 
but the book is open only 
to those who know how to love truly beyond themselves. 

Open the poetic book and listen to the rhythm of time 
spreading its wings to your perception. 
We still can’t love unconditionally inside the hivemind, but we do attempt to be poetry as we watch a sunset. With each attempt, we become a little more creative and as we do, I do. I am able to love as I unfold the giveness within. So in fear, follow the creative. So in grief, follow peace. So in love, follow the poetic and be. Oh, simply be free.
Signature Lina Ru